Chicago’s new Bloomingdale Trail is an elevated, 3-mile-long “rails-to-trails” project on the city’s North side running along the former Canadian Pacific Railway tracks above Bloomingdale Avenue. Modeled after New York City’s Highline, the 20’ high Trail will feature access ramps from the street; paved running/walking/biking surfaces; landscaping; pocket parks with artworks of various kinds; events and gatherings. It will serve as an east-west corridor above the city streets, and promises to be a major cultural and transportation center in the years to come.

And CSG is right at the east end of it! Yep, our offices on Elston Ave. are at the bend in the Chicago River that is just across Ashland Avenue from the end of the Trail. So jump on your bike later this year, peddle east and pay us a visit! And look for notices of fund-raisers and other events at our Rooftop Garden Showroom to benefit the BT.

After all….we’re at the End of The Trail!