Our client’s new high-rise home in downtown Evanston balances the energy of Chicago with the bucolic nature of this growing neighbor to the north. The views to the lakefront and downtown at night from the terrace were mesmerizing when he moved in. What was needed was a vibrant, functional and comfortable space from which to enjoy these amazing vistas.

We started by erecting a steel & wood shade structure, which encloses the space and creates intimacy (in addition to buffering the wind a bit). A custom-built, staggered panel wood shade filters the view to downtown. Container plantings of several types (a long row of horsetail rush is particularly compelling) soften the space and create movement. A water feature contributes its sound and visuals; a grill and luxurious lounge furnishings fill out the room; landscape lighting highlights plant materials and structures; and light from the fire element’s flames flickers throughout the space.

All in all, living at the edge certainly has its rewards.