This rooftop in Edgewater, appropriately, employs a nautical element of sorts. To span the long roof and carry foot traffic, we constructed a stained cedar boardwalk over the “water” (represented by multi-colored river rock) leading to the lounging end of the garden. The boardwalk is an interesting visual element, and when lit up at night you can squint and almost imagine yourself walking along the oceanfront.

At the end of the boardwalk is what you might find at a reserved table at an exclusive nightspot: plush Horizon furnishings by Gloster, club lighting, a stylized water feature created from a zinc Domani container, willow screening enclosing the conversation pit, all surrounded by stylish Ore plant containers and plantings.

Simple rope lights illuminate the garden perimeter, and small spots and deck lights cast washes of light on willow, plantings, wood and stones.

This installation was featured in the 2008 Taunton’s Outdoor Design & Living publication, along with an interview with Bill Mitchell of CSG, its designer.