Our clients, a couple leading a hurried urban lifestyle, required a soothing and private outdoor space in which to work, decompress and entertain. Their tiny backyard left little room for more than a hydrotherapy spa, a radiant-heated patio composed of lilac bluestone, and several planting beds, but their garage roof overlooking a busy intersection of the hot Andersonville neighborhood provided just the spot for a removed – yet involved – observation point.

Beginning with a clear-sealed cedar deck, our design team added a heavy shade pergola designed to break the sun and wind but keep an open and airy feel. Built-in planter boxes feature micro-irrigation and contain native vines, perennials and a small tree. A brushed silver DCS grill is set into customized kitchen cabinetry featuring Ice-Stone countertops, durable surfaces that are terrazzo-like composites made from recycled glass and concrete.

The bar area features teak barstools and a metal ice storage bin set into the countertop. Underfoot, Grey Slate Deckstone tiles are installed flush to the cedar decking to allow transition between the dining and lounging areas.

When privacy is desired, curtains of Sunbrella fabric are released and billow in the night breeze. Downlights from the pergola catch the wood and fabric and dance in the night. Clean, contemporary lounge furniture from Barlow-Tyrie keeps the space feeling light and airy, perfect for entertaining friends or business associates.