Our clients love the suburban Hinsdale neighborhood they call home, and the French Provincial-style home they built reflects their architectural leanings in its steeply pitched roof, soaring windows and gracious proportions.  But they felt their side yard needed a somewhat more contemporary treatment to balance out the home’s strict adherence to the Provincial style.  They approached CSG about undertaking their project.


Our designer started with a ground plane featuring bands of vanilla brick pavers accenting the mixed bluestone patio pavers, with crushed bluestone gravel used as a decorative element and in the planting beds to pick up the slate blue of the roof.  The clean, architectural plant palette includes evergreens,  perennial beds, a small  lawn space and annual urns. Casual Tropitone furniture was chosen for the dining area, while contemporary strap seating and pillows surround the fire pit.  The 5-spout water feature casts striking shadows during the late afternoon, and fills the space with a deep watery resonance which drowns out street traffic.  Night lighting is understated.


Above, an oversized shade umbrella protects guests from sun and rain, and lends a relaxed, easygoing vibe to the entire space.  Squint and you can almost imagine yourself…in the French countryside perhaps?