Situated 43 stories above the busy streets of the Gold Coast, our clients’ terrace enjoys the best of many worlds – vast skyscapes, starry nights and wild weather events. Dazzling sunsets and blazing skyscraper lights. The hum of urban energy on the streets below. A cozy, ever-changing environment perfect for a morning coffee, afternoon lemonade or evening cocktail around the fire pit.

We started the garden by laying down a ground plane of Evo2/e porcelain tile pavers on a floating pedestal system; added a custom curved aluminum planter system from our friends at Ore; placed planters from West Elm, and planted them with mixed succulents and herbs for an understated feel. A custom steel and ipe screen of our design offers privacy and a backdrop to black bamboo plants. We also ran a gas line to power the Ore fire feature, installed a hidden irrigation system, and brought in sleek, comfortable tables and chairs from Holly Hunt.

Our custom screen element was a marriage of aesthetics and utility, as HOA rules would not allow attachments of any kind directly to the building even though wind loading at 43 stories up can be extreme. What to do? Well, our design staff used their engineering skills to devise a solution which relied on a heavy metal footing plate connected to the screen to be placed directly beneath the planter box. Problem solved!

Lastly, lighting by FXL brings the evening garden alive as the sun sets and the city lights glow.