Sometimes the flow between the interior and exterior of a home is so powerful that it’s hard to know where one begins and the other leaves off. For our Bucktown clients, we took advantage of as many spaces and views as possible around the home to create vignettes from seemingly every angle.

In the front of the home, a hedge of tall yew shrubs creates a dense green privacy screen, buffering sounds from the sidewalk and street just steps outside the front picture window. The interior of the hedge features a charming Zen pathway of slate chips, boulders, low plantings, lighting and small decorative touches. The front parkway carries this theme forward with bluestone boulders, slate chips, liriope grasses and low-angled lighting, all contained by custom mesh and aluminum screening.

On the side of the house – through a garden window – the Zen garden continues, with boulders, bamboo panels and ferns dominating.

At the rear of the home, the sunken kitchen looks out upon a decorative wall of bamboo and ipe wood, anchored by aluminum planters – featuring bromeliads and other tropical plants – in this quiet sitting area. Above, the garage roof garden offers views of boulders, bamboo, conifer shrubs, a Japanese maple, Live Roof® trays and of course landscape lighting in the evening.

The panoramic effect of all these garden spaces from the interior is calming, and enhances the feeling of living in a quiet city “terrarium” of one’s own.