The combination of steel, cast concrete, contemporary pavers, wood and lighting in this new home certainly created a modernist template upon which to plan our landscape. In keeping with the strong linearity exhibited in the home, our plant palette aimed for simplicity and structure while being certain not to obstruct the views from the interior achieved through the extensive use of glass.

Evergreens – both broadleaf and coniferous – provide year round form to continually balance the strength of the home’s presence. Clipped boxwood, pachysandra groundcover, pines, juniper and a single Japanese Maple create the green backbone we desired. Movement – and more vertical structure – was achieved through Karl Foerster grasses planted against the foundation, connecting ground plane and building. Aqua blue boulders provide structure to historically boring and neglected parkway spaces. And a gingko tree – with one of the most memorable leaf structures in nature – stands to the side, witness to the seamless blending of natural and manmade elements.