Mix Chicago’s busy passenger rail system with high-rise living, miles-long views of iconic Chicago skyscrapers, the Chicago River and Kennedy Expressway each a stone’s throw away…and you’ve got our client’s rooftop garden. The trains stream out of downtown Chicago just beneath the roof garden’s outer wall, and a rusted-but-working signal trestle spans all 8 rail lines and provides a beautiful example of industrial chic.

To take advantage of these urban delights we kept the roof garden open and sight lines unobstructed. The garden features a wooden shade pergola with metal louvers, custom built-in lounge seating, ipe wood decking mixed with a banded tile and faux lawn deck
design, bar/grill/sink, landscape lighting, planters filled with trees, shrubs and perennials…what more could you ask of an urban living experience?

And late on a summer’s night, with the train signals blinking, downtown alight, the hum of traffic in the distance and stars above, you can bet this city rooftop is the place to be.