The owners of a gut rehabbed 19th century graystone in Chicago’s Wicker Park were looking for an updated, contemporary garden to match the design aesthetic they applied to their remodeled home. Strong lines and a clean, open feel were expressed in the landscape through a combination of dark woods, clean stone, contemporary zinc containers and a naturalistic planting plan. The oversized lot allowed for an outdoor kitchen featuring benches of ipê (ee-pay) , a stone housing for the stainless steel grill and even a stone fire pit. Bleached white Mediterranean pavers set into the lawn lend a contemporary touch. The branches of an old pear tree drape over the patio, and simple, unobtrusive lighting fixtures blend into the garden.

A simple dining table and chairs by Tidelli and “Grasshopper” lawn chaises continue the contemporary feel of the garden. Zinc containers by Domani line two sides of the garden, and a stylized birdfeeder rises out of the ornamental grasses planted beneath. Finally, Green Screen ® cable panels are mounted in the side yard to support honeysuckle vines.

This old graystone has now certainly entered the 21st century!