CSG is committed to the use and promotion of sustainable building principles in our gardens. Certification of materials origins and production processes is sometimes imperfect and for that reason CSG relies on the endorsement of organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and other certification bodies whose work is solely to bring precision and standardization to this process.

In our work, we strive to build sustainably using appropriate design principles and responsibly sourced materials and products (local whenever possible). We encourage waste prevention, adaptive reuse and recycling of materials and packaging.  Advances in LED lighting and drip irrigation systems reduce energy demands and water waste. Responsibly sourced plant materials, with an emphasis on natives, guides our planting selections.  Green roof modules mitigate the urban heat island effect and are a quick and effective solution for rainwater management.

Benign or low toxicity maintenance materials, cleaners, stains, sealers and paints are sought out. And we are making the move to replace noisy, polluting gas-powered small engines with quieter, “greener” battery power.

Sustainability, conservation and energy reduction are long-term goals and require constant renewal of our commitment to these principles. We are by no means perfect but are striving every day to be better and do better.