buildingsustainably5CSG is committed to the use and promotion of sustainable building principles in our gardens. Certification of materials origins and production processes is sometimes imperfect and for that reason CSG relies on the endorsement of organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council and other certification bodies whose work is solely to bring precision and standardization to this process.

In our work, we strive to build sustainably using:

  • Appropriate design principles
  • Locally built, grown or sourced materials whenever possible
  • Responsibly sourced building materials including wood, metal, fibers, glass, etc.
  • Waste prevention, adaptive reuse, recycling
  • Non-invasive, responsibly sourced plant materials, with emphasis on natives
  • Benign or low toxicity maintenance materials
  • Environmentally benign stains, sealers and paints
  • Energy efficient/solar lighting systems
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Responsibly sourced and built garden furnishings of many types

Designing and building sustainably is an ongoing process. CSG will strive to educate ourselves and our clients as we learn more about this process and test new materials and methods.