Updating for three-season use and luxurious comfort.

Our first execution for this Bucktown family was a rooftop garden with a cedar pergola and planter boxes, hanging flower baskets and a small terrace retreat for their growing kids, way back in…2002? Just fine for the time, and it aged pretty well.

Fast-forward 20 years, kids grown, and a complete makeover was needed.

With the 606 Trail running to the left and the iconic St. Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic church in the near distance, we didn’t want too much impeding the views. And our clients wanted each of the 3 terrace spaces to work really hard and provide them maximum flexibility for the family. So we removed all our previous work and laid porcelain tile patios on 3 levels, then built a metal pergola and screening elements on the main rooftop space to create a feeling of embracing enclosure and provide structure for climbing vines. Other elements – a water feature, green roof succulent trays on the garage and main rooftops, planters with trees, shrubs and perennials, a standup bar, top-shelf outdoor furniture, strip lighting, heaters, cozy teen hangout – all made the space fully 3-season usable and luxuriously comfortable. 

We can’t know what 20 years from now will bring, but CSG will be available when the time comes for a future re-do.